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              • ID:273429
              • 最后更新:2020-12-02 11:00:06
              • 瀏覽:235
              • 學科:醫藥衛生
              • 所屬期刊:中華創傷雜志(英文版)
              • 關鍵字:中華創傷雜志(英文版)
              • 刊期:雙月刊
              • 收錄:中國期刊網
              • 地區:北京市
              • 主管單位:中國科學技術協會
              • 主辦單位: 中華醫學會
              • 主編: 蔣建新

              Chinese Journal of Traumatology (English Edition, ISSN 1008-1275, CN 50-1115/R) is sponsored and published by the Chinese Society of Traumatology affiliated to the Chinese Medical Association (CMA). Being a peer-reviewed medical journal, it began publishing in 1998 and is the sole English-language journal concerning wounds and injuries in China. With emphasis on the latest achievements and progress made in China, featured in the combination of Chinese traditional and Western medicine, the Journal focuses on all aspects of trauma care and accident surgery among all sources and countries. The scope of the journal covers actually all aspects of wounds and injuries, including brain injuries, chest and abdomen injuries, bone fractures, fire-arm injuries, burns, traffic accident injuries, wound ballistics, impact injuries, etc. The Journal functions as a window into China’s traumatic medicine, and serves as a bridge for international academic exchanges. The goal of the Journal is to gear its contents for the reference of the medical workers of the traumatological field and engage in the academic exchanges between the colleagues at home and abroad of the latest achievements, techniques and experience both on basic research and clinical application in traumatology. The sources of the articles are abundant and the contributors are from China and abroad as well.